Krita Desktop

With a full feature-set, configurable gui and a strong focus on plain productivity, Krita is at home on every artist's desktop. Krita Desktop is available for Windows and for Linux.

Innovative, optimized, powerful. Download Krita on Windows for free.

The Krita Foundation is running a kickstarter campaign right now for the development of Krita 2.9!

You can also get Krita Gemini on Steam! That will give you integration with the Steam platform and automatic updates.

The current stable release is 2.8.3.

You can download the sourcecode for Krita from the KDE git repository.


Krita is is both a community project development by volunteers and a commercial project supported by KO GmbH. The Krita Foundation supports the non-commercial development of Krita. Commercial support is offered by KO GmbH.

Screenshot image by Ramon Miranda.