Krita Studio

Krita Studio is the commercially supported Krita for movie and GFX studios. Using the same painting core as Krita, it supports color management through OpenColorIO, HDR painting and filtering and much more.

KO GmbH offers commercial support and training for Krita Studio, including the development of custom plugins and bridge applications. Our deep expertise in Krita is unique — our CTO has been the maintainer of the Krita project for the past ten years and is the founder of the Krita Foundation.

Krita Studio is available on Windows and Linux. Please contact our sales team to discuss how we can best support your business with Krita Studio.

Web: Krita Studio Support

Krita Studio
Schilfbreite 3
D-39120 Magdeburg

Telephone: +49 391 251915 50


Among other power features, Krita Studio supports a full OpenColorIO-based color management workflow: